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11:59pm 03/03/2005
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We have two weeks until the March con. I don't know how all the costumes are coming, but Eve and I should be prepared for Touma (not the correct version, but it will do) and Noriko as long as we can get the purple wig next week and maybe some excercise. We can modify the shirt for you sakuraevolution, but Cesar's costume might be difficult to get together if you haven't started. Anyway, here's the con schedule:

March TAC
March 19 to 20
tickets: $25 for both days. No one day passes

Anime North
May 27-29
tickets: $45 for the weekend ($30 if you preregister before March 18), $25 for Friday or Sunday, $30 for Saturday

Garden City Anime
July 15-17
tickets: $35 for three days. $20 for one day

CN Convention
August 26-28
tickets: usually the price of Anime North
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03:17pm 24/01/2005
  So when does everyone have reading week? I would be nice to at least finish our Gravitation costumes. My reading week starts on February 21th, so I'll be off from the 17th at 4 pm to exactly the 27th at 4 pm.  
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12:30pm 14/01/2005
mood: excited
Hi everyone!

Just going through a bit of a OMG I have to clean the house! panic. hehehe

I was just wondering when I should be expecting everyone. I finish work at 1:30 so I'll be back home at around 2:30. If you could just give me your ETA (estimated time of arrival) that would be great.
Jen, will you be needing me to pick you up from the bus terminal?

Matthew, can you please bring the Eddie Izzard dvd?

See you tomorrow!
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Second Half of the poll 
01:54am 14/01/2005
  Please see the first poll for descriptions and instructions before filling this out.
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Cosplay poll 
01:28am 14/01/2005
  Because of the aforementioned shopping trip, I'm putting up this poll to see what people want us to buy. Please take a look at the painfully written descriptions to see what series you like. Remember that there will be three major three day conventions (Anime North, CNX, Garden City), Halloween, March (two day) and December (one day) TAC, and a few other small and not anime specific cons that we have the option to go to.

Descriptions of SeriesCollapse )

The Poll: Those descriptions took way too long, so I'm doing the poll as a scale. Please vote using the following key:

1 - I haven't seen series and I'm not interested in cosplaying it, even if other people are. If I have seen the series, I don't like it. For some reason, I refuse to cosplay this. Do not get me fabric for it

2 - I'm not sure. I'd have to see more before I make a decision. Also use this option if you think the costumes will be too difficult/expensive to pull off. Do not get me fabric for it

3 - This series doesn't look too bad to cosplay. I'm not sure about it myself, but I'd cosplay it with the group.

4 - This series would be great for gcfab as a group. I'm in. Buy fabric

5 - I just love the costumes from this series. I would cosplay it by myself! Buy fabric
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Attention all members, please respond! 
09:31pm 12/01/2005
mood: ecstatic
Eve and I are going to the Fabricland Sale this Saturday. We will have to buy a membership, which we'd get a student discount on, so it's going to be $12.50. Split between all our current members, that's ridiculously cheap for the amount of deals we'll be getting.

Now for the important part, what fabrics should be pick up? Suggest any costume you're interested in making this year, and we'll see what's available. Please respond as quickly as you can, because I'm going to post a poll tomorrow to see what people are willing to wear, help make, and spend money on. Eve and I don't mind picking up a lot of fabric, as long as it won't go to waste and we don't end up paying for all the costumes ourselves.

If you're posting a character from a series, it would also be helpful to mention your ideas for other costumes in the series that others in gcfab could do. If you want, you can include Gaelan because he'll probably be going to at least one convention with us and he's willing to spend a little money on a costume.

Remember, list anything you want. We don't have to do it, but I just want to see where people's interests are, even if they're kind of infeasible. I'll put up a poll tomorrow night.
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01:20pm 10/01/2005
  Glad to hear the first official GCFab "Super Ghetto Fabulous Slumber Party Cosplay Meeting" has been set in stone for this weekend... but there's a problem. If i take a Go Bus, the earliest i would arrive in Georgetown Market is 9:48PM or alternatively in Guleph at 10:35PM (marie_reve you can check my math if you'd like). It seems a little late so i was wondering if you guys might be willing to pick me up from work hereCollapse ) at 5:30PM... don't worry if you can't, but it would certainly save me both time and the money for a Go Bus ticket which i'd happily reimburse you for in gas marie_reve *^^*  
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11:21am 10/01/2005
  I know we already have too many plans and its not really realistic to add another but I just wanted to suggest one more.

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Ghetto Weekend Update 
11:58pm 09/01/2005
mood: busy
marie_reve and I got together this weekend for some cosplay planning. We weren't very successful in terms of buying stuff, although we saw about 8 matching maid outfits at the K-W Value Village. We're probably going to have our first official GCFab "Super Ghetto Fabulous Slumber Party Cosplay Meeting" (or something) this coming weekend in Guelph. Preliminary plans include:

-watching the Gravitation concert scene and possibly doing karaoke
-Fruits Basket marathon
-cosplay workout
-food (in reasonable moderation as not to cancel out the previous point)
-midnight marguaritas
-talk about cosplay

We've pretty much been shopping around Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo, but we'll be taking a closer look next weekend, especially at fabric because we didn't want to do anything until plans were confirmed. Here's a list of some things to look out for though, since we'll definitely need them:

-purple wig (with bangs, medium to long length, curly) - This is an option, but a little dark
-yellow shorts (possibly studded, not huge man swimming trunks)
-maybe the black belt

-pinkish red dress shirt (preferably long)
-black ribbon tie
-black man pants
-long black dress blazer

3. Ryuchi
-tight blue pants
-necklace (apparently there is a replica at Le Chateau)

4. Shuichi
-Orange hoodie (large, plain hoodie) - possible options are here and here.
-medium wig (will have to be styled)
-cargo shorts
-fanboy attitude

Fruits Basket
Eve and I are really getting into this cosplay, so we're excited. We still haven't decided every character , but we're hoping to work that out on the weekend once we watch it for people who haven't seen the series. It's pretty much confirmed that I'm being Tohru though and Cesar would be Kyo. Ideally, we wanted to do the three friends seen here in those costumes or in their uniforms. Since vespera is now a member, maybe we could pull that off. I'm too lazy to compile a "what we need for Fruits Basket cosplay" list now, so we can talk about it at the aforementioned meeting.

Fruits Basket would also be a popular costume (I've already read a thread about a Fruits Basket photoshoot for AN), so we'd have to do it right. If we're doing uniforms, there are a few up on ebay right now to let you know what they should look like:
five (not really, but it would be cute
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08:37pm 09/01/2005

Sounds like it would suit gcfab's material needs and budget just fine... only problem is that i work saturdays and the 15th is of course one of them. But if you guys are able to make it, i'm sure you could find the material for school uniforms etc rather cheaply!
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07:26pm 09/01/2005
mood: annoyed
So it happened...I've been sucked into the unruly and frighteningly embarrassing world of cosplay and anime conventions. As the ever so reluctant cosplayer, I suppose I can take full advantage of that position to sit back and admire everybody else's ideas and fanaticism at its very best. I'm open to any characters to be thrown at me, and the sluttier, the better.

*I will not be held responsible for kicking any perverted anime convention go-ers in the nuts if I feel threatened, as goes along with my slutty costume preferences.
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09:12pm 08/01/2005
mood: productive
I made Kyo's bracelet!!!!

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09:58am 08/01/2005
  The orange hoodie i mentioned finding at Bluenotes has the word 'Distorted' eblazoned across the chest in baseball-style lettering... the color is great, but i'd like your opinions on whether i should continue my search for a hoodie minus any decals. I'm more willing to ghettoize our gravitation cosplay since it seems that most of our costumes are odds and ends and the money could be better spent on material for other costumes, etc.

Eve, do you think you can skip through some gravi episodes and find a picture of shuichis cargo-style shorts? Finding those might prove a little more difficult so a reference picture would come in handy :)
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New Convention 
01:14pm 07/01/2005
mood: energetic
I haven't heard of this until today on the cosplay forums. It's a new convention starting this year. From what I've seen on the website, it's in St. Catherines, three days, has a masqurade, and is only $25 for the weekend pass if we pre-register. There's also going to be an Advent Children cosplay group, so even if I never get to be Aeris, I might get to see one. I know St. Catherines is a little out of the way, but a chance to cosplay at a three day convention is a chance to cosplay nonetheless. Maybe Matt would be willing to put us up so we don't have to travel all the way back to the Grand River Area.
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Another Fruits Basket post! 
12:08pm 07/01/2005
  Uniforms or regular clothes?Collapse )  
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07:12pm 06/01/2005
  Jen mentioned wanting to solidify cosplay plans so i thought i'd ask which conventions we're planning on attending this year... the two largest Toronto cons seem to be Anime North and CNAnime... and are we planning on weekend passes for both? I think weekend passes give us the option of different cosplays, but i know it might not be in everyone's budget (I'm assuming at this point that i'll be paying for cesar o.0) ...any thoughts?  
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05:00pm 06/01/2005
  I did some orange hoodie hunting this past wednesday for cesar's shuichi costume... H&M had one with a small white decal on the upper left breast for $35.00, Bluenotes had one for $20 that had some word beginning with 'D' written accross the chest, and Old navy had one that had a large white design on the front for $35... in my opinion, the one at H&M was the best. It was a nice bright orange and came in XL (which i'm guessing is the size were aiming for, right?). Next time i'll remmeber to bring my digital camera to take pictures (each of us should do the same when going on cosplay expeditions).

I really would like to do Sora from KH2 but i really don't know where to begin... altering an existing hoodie doesn't seem like an option because i couldn't even find one that would match the fit of the character... and where can i find the same material as that they would use for hoodies? I did find one fabric i liked but the label said something along the lines of satin and it was $20/meter... sounded too expensive for ghetto cosplay o.0

Definitely looking forward to Ryuichi though and i'm confident we'll really be able to pull it off... marie_reve and jen_the_great make a great tohma and noriko *^^*
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Ghetto Harry Potter Cosplay #2! 
11:12am 06/01/2005
  Until the thrift store finds section is up on the website, I will post it here.

Two Hogwarts ties were found at Value Village for future ghetto cosplay. Along with our regular Hermione and random Gryffindor, we can now include another Gryffindor and a Slytherine who have lost their robes by using these ties and old Aquinas uniforms!

10:37am 06/01/2005
mood: creative
marie_reve and I were discussing what role everyone would play in GCFab, and we came up with a few ideas.

jen_the_great: writer of witty commentary for the website, shopper for supplies, cutter of fabric, somewhat competent seamstress, good for playing the cute annoying characters

marie_reve: webmistress, shopper for supplies, head (hopefully competent) seamstress, good for playing the tall somewhat scary females and for crossplay

sakuraevolution: artist for the website, half of team slash

Cesar: other half of team slash

lambda_calculus: reluctant cosplayer and photographer, good for playing wizard characters

vespera: even more reluctant cosplayer. Good for playing skinny Asian girls or the scary female characters

Eve's mom: photographer, mocker (but in a friendly way), and owner of the sewing machine

Any other additions? I was thinking of including anyone we could possibly add, even Dan, Leila, and their significant others, just for fun of course.
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11:09pm 04/01/2005
mood: excited
I've been watching a lot of Fruits Basket today and we must cosplay this! It's just to perfect.
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